PEA fight set back due to officer’s death

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The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

THE Public Employees Association (PEA) push for K250 housing allowance has suffered a set-back with the death of its chief industrial negotiator, Charles Mandarip.
Mandarip passed away on Easter Sunday after advising PEA to go to the arbitration tribunal to settle disputed matters, including the K250 housing allowance, with the state.
PEA president Michael Malabag paid tribute to the late Mandarip during his funeral service on Tuesday.
“To brother Charles, your persistence and commitment to union members was simply outstanding.
“I pay tribute to you for the recently signed salary fixation agreement in which your commitment and foresight in impro­ving terms and conditions of employment paved the way forward for our members.”
Malabag said Mandarip was the PEA industrial advocate since he took office as president in 2002 and, since then, the PEA had signed three agreements with the state in relation to terms and conditions of employment for public servants.
“The late Mandarip was a passionate person for the members we represented in the public service.
“He dedicated his time and efforts to ensure that members got something out of the subscriptions they pay to the union.
“He abided by the principle that without the membership, PEA will not exist.
“Principle was the driving factor in his tireless efforts despite his ill-health. He would spend weekends in the office just to prepare submissions for our negotiating team.”
The late Mandarip graduated from the University of PNG with a bachelor of arts majoring in social works in 1980.
His first job was with the Public Services Commission. He resigned from the PSC and signed on with the Public Service Association, the forerunner to the PEA.
From then until his death, Mandarip was with the union movement as a strong advocate of workers’ rights, interest and welfare.