Peace restored as firearms surrendered in police action


The second phase of a special police operation codenamed “Bakovi Storm” is underway in the Talasea district of West New Britain with the momentum picking up, according to provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Jim Namora.
He said villages in the district were now surrendering firearms and ammunition which they had used in their clan fights.
“There is now some degree of peace in the villages and innocent people are happy that this initiative has been formulated,” Namora said.
The juvenile cell block in the newly refurbished Kimbe Police Station is currently being temporarily used to store and secure items that have been surrendered to police in the recent weeks.
“The surrender of ammunitions by warring parties is very much appreciated” Namora said.
Police are appealing to LLG and community leaders in the villages to not only surrender weapons but also give  an aggressive push for the surrender of people wanted on  bench warrants and outstanding arrest warrants.
Pangalu and Waganakai villages saw heavy police presence yesterdayt when special operation members searched for people on bench warrants.
At Pangalu village the group was invited by villagers who appreciated police efforts to restore peace.