Peace restored on Kairiru Island

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LAW and order has been restored on Kairiru Island after a week of conflict triggered by the murder of a young man on New Year’s eve.
“A murder suspect was arrested and negotiations for peace was achieved,” East Sepik provincial police commander Insp Charles Parinjo said .
He has praised the islanders for their overwhelming support to police, enabling peace to prevail.
Insp Parinjo said peace and normalcy were restored on the island after he visited the island with police investigators and Wewak LLG president Tobby Samek last Sunday to negotiate for peace.
“The people were very keen to co-operate with the police to bring those responsible for the killing to face justice.
“I am very appreciative of their gesture,” he added.
The murder suspect was arrested by police last week after he allegedly killed a young man with a bush knife in a drunken brawl last Dec 31.
Police said the young man, who was intoxicated by homebrew, was fast asleep when he was slashed to death by the suspect.
Police said a group of men, including the deceased and the suspect, were drinking in the suspect’s house on that night when the suspect started accusing his friends of having an affair with his wife.
He grabbed a bush knife, chased all his friends including his wife out of the house and returned to find the young man sleeping on a bed.
Police said the suspect then slashed the young man several times but there was no commotion as the victim was too drunk to know what was happening.
He then picked up the deceased, threw him out of the window, went out and dragged him into his vanilla garden where he was left to die.
After the slaying, the suspect also attacked the deceased’s father and destroyed his house.
Three houses were burnt down in retaliation leaving the situation tense.