Peace talk puts an end to fighting


TWO groups involved in a fighting resulting in four deaths and destruction to properties and food gardens in Chimbu have decided to make peace and focus on developments and changes in their communities.
The people from the Kumai tribe at Kup-Gamar area in Kerowagi decided to accept peace and live a changed life so that their children could earn better education for a better future.
The fight was between the Damba Kanem and the Ukum Kanem clans.
The fight started over the ownership of river gravel some years ago.
People from these five council wards Kup 1, Gamar 2, Wara Bagua 3, Muru 4 and Balus 5 in the Kup local level government area were affected when a gun battle took place.
However, on Friday Kerowagi MP Bari Palma convinced both parties to reconcile.
Palma supported the peace ceremony because he told them that basic services would be delivered once peace was restored.
He told both parties at Kup that tribal fighting would not bring development to the communities.
“Because of tribal fights our children missed out on earning education while some potential business people are not making use of their talents,” Palma said.
“For our children to have a better education and better life, it starts with us parents and to see that for our children, we must stop fighting and embrace peace for better.
“I am urging you all to stop fighting or be involved in other unlawful activities that would have a bad impact on our children and family.
“We have to think of our children and family before we do anything because we want our children and family to be safe and secure.”
He promised to revive the police station at Kup-Gamar and the health facilities.

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