Peaceful festive celebration


THE participation of more than 40 youths in Christmas-New Year crime prevention operations has resulted in a peaceful festive celebration in Port Moresby’s ATS settlement, ATS community police officer Joseph Baiau says.
Baiau said the youths volunteered to help the 20 community policemen maintain law and order.
“The volunteers did a fantastic job of checking vehicles going in and out of ATS at night,” he said.
“They also ensured that drunkards did not cause any arm to anyone.
“They were very disciplined in carrying out their tasks.
“That is why we had a very peaceful Christmas.”
Baiau added that adding that the community police encountered only a couple of minor incidents.
“Some youths set up drums to block off the road in the night to steal a vehicle but the operation team removed the drums before any vehicle arrived.”
He added that police units at Boroko and at the airport respond to them quickly whenever they needed assistance.
Baiau appealed to the police and National Capital District Commission to recognise them after the New Year because “we are ready to face and resolve law and order issues”.

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