Peaceful New Year in Port Moresby

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THE New Year’s celebrations last Thursday and Friday were peaceful in the nation’s capital unlike the previous years.
Although there were few hiccups among drunken youths in some of the streets in Hohola, Gerehu and Morata, police were there to maintain order.  
Police units from various sub-stations in NCD did their part in making sure peace and good order was maintained throughout the night and the morning last Friday, the first day of this year.
Several police units were on foot patrol in various parts of the city to ensure people celebrated within their homes.
The operations would not have been easier without the assistance of youths attached with Yumi Lukautim Mosbi, reserve police units and Bomana police units.
NCD Central Divisional Commander and assistance commissioner, Awan Sete, also moved around that night to oversee the police operations.
ACP Sete said police had put in more effort in the Christmas/New Year operations to maintain order in the city.
He said police enforced alcohol ban in the city by searching local trade stores in settlements and dispersing drunken people on road sides and
local pub.
ACP Sete said the only places that sold alcohol were the major hotels in the city while local trade stores were all forced to close during the New Year’s night.
He added that road blocks were also set up to minimise drink driving and to ensure traffic flow was smooth and clear from unwanted accidents.
ACP Sete praised the police for the good work carried out over the Christmas/New Year periods.