Pean wants priority on education for women

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The National, Friday, April 29, 2011

PAPUA New Guinea Education Advocacy Network (Pean) Inc chief executive officer Pricilla Kare has called on the government through the Department of Education to give more priority to ‘Women and Girls’ Education”.
She said this when officially announcing the global action week (GAW) celebrations which will be held on May 4.
“GAW is a global education advocacy initiative that falls annually and witnessed throughout the world and focuses on education policy and financing for improvement.
“Civil society organisations in different parts of the world increasingly participate annually to remind governments of their commitments to the education for all goals.
“It is a concept developed 11 years ago and PNG’s national and official launching was on April 19, last year in the nation’s capital.
“This year the campaign will be incorporated into the annual school calendar so that it will be witnessed and celebrated annually throughout PNG,” Kare said.
“In 2011, as in past years, we have the monumental task of being the voice for the voiceless by increasing the rhythm of our demands from governments.
“While we understand it as the duty of government to ensure that everyone is educated, it is our duty as community-based groups, NGOs, parents, students, teachers etc to keep reminding governments not only of their commitments but also of their obligations towards ensuring education for all,” she said.