Pearl farming in candidate’s campaign agenda

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013


A CANDIDATE for the Sidudu ward council seat in the Bwanabwana local level government in Milne Bay is determined to bring back pearl farming for the people.

Max Yaeng Timmy, from the Bukawa area in Morobe but married to a local woman, has decided to contest the council seat because  people in the area has been missing out on the benefits of the pearl trade for sometime, he said.

The Bwanabwana LLG is in the Samarai-Murua district and is located on the biggest island in the province, Samarai, which has a population of more than 3,000.

“My policies are based on people’s needs, including small scale fish farming, equal participation, gender equality, sports and top priority is the sustainable policy of mine that I believe will improve the living standard of the people by reviving pearl farming,” Timmy said.

“The trade was in fact off the ground some years back when an international company was in operation, buying the pearls from local farmers. But it has closed operations and left and I see there should be awareness for another willing international company to come and establish itself here. 

“From oyster farming too, farmers will be able to sell the oysters and the shell and pearl mean there are three sources of income in one harvest. 

“It is important that the trade is revived for the people to reap rewards again in order to increase their income.”

Timmy said being a former scrutineer of Samarai-Murua MP Dordon Wesley, he was able to liaise  with him to bring services to the people.

“My policies will become workable once I become elected because of the good relations and understanding I have with the member who is a member of the government.

 “Most of my policies will help improve the living standard of the people by means of raising their income opportunities.

“At the same time I will be able to support the member’s policies he wants implemented in my ward.”