Penalise raged youths


YOUTHS that are too quick to cause violence without reasoning things have led to many destructions in communities.
Community leaders should start to make sure those youths are arrested and charged for damages caused.
Many innocent people have suffered because of problems caused by youths.
They cannot go unpunished.
See what has happened at the Sugu Valley tribal fight in Kagua-Erave, Southern Highlands.
It was a poor judgment that triggered the recent tribal fight that resulted in 37 deaths.
I will be working closely with police to make sure youths that trigger problems are arrested before more problems are created to destabilise the peace process recently signed between the two warring tribes.

Andrew Konoa,
Kagua LLG president,
Deputy Governor,
Southern Highlands

One thought on “Penalise raged youths

  • The government and authorities must now look into ill behaviour of our youths and amend a harsher punishment for court to punish them. Their action or attitudes in public place are disgusting and embarrassing when it comes to weekend they got drunk in peers and bawling in town causing nuisance at bus stop.

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