Pension plans for CS officers

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The Correctional Service (CS) will submit amendments to the current CS legislation to allow pension for all officers, says commissioner Stephen Pokanis.
Pokanis, pictured, told The National that the CS law of 1957 allowed pension for certain group of officers only at the non-commissioned ranks but not commissioned officers or civilian officers.
He said the submission would include non-commissioned officers and civilian officers to receive pensions as well.
“This particular provision has been amended to consider equality among all servicemen and women in the CS,” Pokanis said.
“The National Court in 2016 granted pension to CS officers. CS, in consultation with the Constitutional Law Reform Commission, made a new amendment into the current CS legislation to allow pension to all officers.
“This amendment will be presented in a submission to the Government to consider the granting CS officers pensions.”
Pokanis said it was the way forward for CS to become more dynamic and more professional based on these few factors as pension recognised the services of Correctional Service officers as members of the disciplined force, and as Correctional officers.
“The pension also helps to retire old officers gracefully and give options to officers to retire early so that they can start a new life after serving in CS,” he said.
“Officers retiring with pensions allow vacancies to accommodate active officers and their families waiting for accommodation.”

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