People’s poor road sense upsets cops, MP

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VEHICLES give way to people in Mt Hagen city instead of people giving way to vehicles and big trucks.
Western Highlands police commander Supt Ambane Kaiglo and Hagen Open MP and Petroleum and Energy Minister William Duma, expressed this grave concern last week.
Supt Kaiglo said people must be mindful when trying to cross or walk on the road.
He said roads were meant for vehicles and not for people to walk as though they were walking in their front yard.
Supt Kaiglo said after an old man from Enga was ran over by a vehicle last Tuesday morning near St Paul’s Catholic church in Mt Hagen.
The victim has been identified as Anton Kalo, 60, of Epalope village in Laiagam district, Enga province.
His body is now at the Mt Hagen General Hospital morgue.
Supt Kaiglo said the driver of the vehicle reported the matter to the police traffic straight after the accident.
He said the driver would be arrested after doctors conducted a post-mortem.
Supt Kaiglo appealed to the people to be careful when walking because they could be hit by vehicles.
He urged the drivers to be careful because from past experience, many fatal road accidents happened during the festive period.