People’s power beats Constitution, parliament

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th January 2012

THE two disputing factions of the legislature must not underestimate people’s power.
People’s power is superior at this age and it supersedes constitution and parliamentary processes of any country when a nation is faced with crisis.
People’s power can call for a judge to resign or a prime minister to step down, even decide who should be the prime minister. This is the bottom line and is currently happening around the globe. Somare nor O’Neill group should waste time playing politics when they should be talking on national issues concerning the livelihood of people. For instance, discuss and come up with strategies on how to connect all mainland provinces by roads (SHP-Gulf road) or governors and MPs should connect their districts to the provincial headquarters by road (Transgogol-Rai Coast-Madang). Current MPs should take some time visit East New Britain and see what it can offer for their provinces in terms of road infrastructure. Enough of yourself ego and talk something constructive!  Otherwise, you have nothing to tell the people come April 2012 as your campaign speech, not even free education for PNG children or reduced tax for low income earners.
Kwip Peng
Waigani, NCD