People at the crossroads

Islands, Normal

THE people of Matupit Island in East New Britain province are at the crossroads deciding whether or not to move into their new homes in Sikut.
Ward two councillor Vincent Tie said the ENB provincial administrator had given them notice to move in resettlements stages three and four and they were willing to move.
“Do not listen to or let outsiders influence you to resettle,” Mr Tie said on behalf of four other Matupit councillors.
“Outsiders are making misleading statements. Do not believe what they say.”
Mr Tie said the people were willing to move and had gone to the extent of collecting fees to buy and cook food for youths to clear the blocks in Sikut.
Matupit United church pastor Rev Nelson Tigil said he had been telling the people of wards one, two and three that the sub-divided blocks in Sikut were a privilege and a blessing from God.
“After talking to the majority of the families, I found that they were slow in moving to Sikut due to financial constraints.
“The elderly also think that the younger people are more suited for the resettlement homes,” he said.