People change, country change


IF we think this country will automatically change, then we are wrong.
This country will not be changed by improved education systems, or renewed policies.
The potential of change of this nation is in each and every individual citizen.
Our country will change if you change.
As citizens of this nation, we all should take ownership and see what we can do to improve our country.
The 35th American president John F Kennedy once said in one of his speeches: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
We all can do different things using our unique gifts and talents to change this country for the better.
It is true that we have a lot of things happening that are affecting our country.
However, if we focus on our circle of concern, and that includes all the reasons why things will not work out, we will never amount to change.
In order to change this nation, we have to focus on our circle of influence.
Our circle of influence is what we can do to change this nation.
We all have something to contribute positively and when we do the country would change.
All in all, we need to be patriotic of this nation.
We need to serve without expecting anything in return.
Only then will we see change in our nation.
On the same token, you cannot change this nation if you cannot change yourself.
Thus, start with yourself and then you will be on your way to changing our country.
Only if each and every one of us have such character, Papua New Guinea is bound to change.

Glen Burua