People should change how they think


PEOPLE are not afraid of creating problems anymore.
In almost every community, village or society, there are stories of people doing this and that.
I am not talking about the big issues like tribal fights, or the issues that hit the headlines in the newspapers.
I am talking about drunken fights or rape.
A growing number of youth boys, men and women in the community are the ones who lead these issues.
There was an incident on Friday where a youth of about 20 got drunk, and walked into a house belonging to a security guard and his wife.
The security guard went to work in town at night.
It happened that the wife was raped.
Neighbours who heard the wife scream for help rushed into the house.
They saw her lying on the floor with both hands and legs tied up.
The perpetrator was later taken to court and charged.
Last week, I witnessed two village courts.
I hear from chiefs and councillors that there will be more in the coming weeks and months.
It is my opinion that youth, men and women in the village have to change how they think.
People are taking others to court for just showing the middle finger to another.
If you are a youth that the community admires, than continue to be a beacon of hope to the younger generation.
Marijuana smokers are something else.
Such men are a bad influence to others.
Their growing numbers should be reduced.
There are also a growing number of prostitutes who don’t help their parents and work in the garden to earn money.
They are the “boss” and Friday is their fortnight.
At first, there were two women who were well-known prostitutes.
This year, the number has gone up to six.
This has to stop as well.
These women contribute one way or another to the downfall of a marriage and domestic violence.
I am sure there are other ways to find entertainment, be thrilled, be happy, and find relief or excitement.

Nathan Goma

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