People condemn shooting

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SEVERAL members of public have raised their concerns over the assassination attempt on Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manex at about 10.30pm last Friday.
Following are some of the comments and suggestions they gave to The National in response to the incident.
Nathan Hukula, Community affairs officer, Frieda river Telefomin Sandaun province:
“I think this is one of the most disgusting and deplorable acts in our country’s short history. 
“Mr Manek’s attack, if politically motivated, goes to show how low people would go to protect themselves
and the positions they hold. “This attack is not only an attack against him (Manek), but against all Papua New Guineans and the democratic values that this nation was founded on. 
“There must be a full investigation into this matter and the people behind the attack
must be brought to justice.
“It’s time for the people of PNG to stand as one say ‘no’ to this type of political intimidation and violence that is engulfing our nation.”
lElijah Elijah, Melanesian NGO Centre for Leaders (MNCL):
“Prominent figures such as the Chief Ombudsman, should be provided security at all times. Especially, if they are out late in the evening.
“Mr Manek should have a personal body guard.”
lJoseph Saranduo, Director of Life Line Counselling Services:
“The media must be cautious when running issue like this which
is sensitive and concerns a prominent leader.
“Some people, upon seeing such information, may capitalise on the information and target other leaders as well.
“The issue is very sensitive and should be left alone.”
lVictor Kalia:
“I suggest that prominent leaders should be accompanied by some form of security or body guards.
“With this day and age and the crimes being committed unlike the past, it is better to always have security to be on the safe side.”