People with disabilities want services that suit them


Communication is the biggest drawback for people living with disability to get on with life like other people, says PNG Deaf Association deputy secretary Noah Agino.
Agino, who also has a disability (deaf), said the government needed to make its policies inclusive for people with disability.
“Many government policies are not suitable for us, people with hearing impairment, and we are missing out big time to have equal enjoyment of life like other people,” he said.
“We want to watch news and television programmes but there are not enough interpreters and where there is no interpreter, subtitles should be provided.
“We understand National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) PNG is trying to be inclusive with its programmes but not all its programmes have the interpreters and we need subtitles alongside interpreters.
“We want to go to school but we do not have enough interpreters available in all schools to teach us.”
Agino said mobile phones were handy these days for communication “but we can’t enjoy this gadget because we cannot hear and talk over the phone because the mobile phones are not built with applications considering us, the people with disability”.
“Sign language is the fourth language of the country and it’s time the government realises this language and do something to help the population with disability.”