People encouraged to give lives to Christ, change for better


Head Bishop of Gutnius Lutheran Church Rev David Piso has called on people to accept Christ and change in 2019.
Piso, in his New Year’s message to church members, said the New Year was a time for people to reflect on their old life and change for the better.
He said that if they had lived a sinful life, they should repent and start living a life following Christian principles this year.
“We must learn to forget and forgive what others did to us and start a fresh, new life,” Piso said.
He said God did not want his people to live in the darkness of sin.
Piso said New Year was a “very important time for everyone to plan for better things in the coming year”.
He said that when they accepted Christ into their lives and allowed him to take control, they would receive many blessings this year.
“With Christ, nothing is impossible, but you must work hard to get it,” Piso said.
He said that there was no point in celebrating the New Year but not changing evil habits.
“If you want a better life, see more blessings and prosper in life, you must change now,” Piso said.
“No one will come and change your life.
“You have to do it yourself.”

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