People go home disappointed as O’Neill fails to turn up

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MORE than a thousand people in four local-level governments of Kabwum district, Morobe, returned home frustrated when Prime Minister Peter O’Neill did not arrive to launch their five-year development plan and other projects.
People from Yus, Deyamos, Selepet and Komba had been flocking into Kabwum Station since Monday and camped there to see O’Neill.
However, when Manolos Aviation pilot Captain Jurgen Ruh flew two of his helicopters into Kabwum Station at 5pm in heavy rain and cloud cover, people began to ask questions.
O’Neill was expected to land at about 12.30pm but conditions prevented that.
Ministers Richard Maru (National Planning and Monitoring) and Michael Nali (Works) were also expected.
O’Neill was expected to launch the five-year development plan and road projects from Nimbako-Satwak, Derim-Yalumet and the Kabwum Health Centre upgrading to level four district hospital.