People grateful for resilience programme

The National,Thursday June 23rd, 2016

DISASTER-stricken people in Jiwaka have thanked the International Organisation for Migration for supporting them through its disaster-resilience programme.
Provincial disaster coordinator John Kupul said the organisation also distributed crop seedlings to help people rebuild their lives.
The organisation gave cabbage seeds, broccoli, carrot, rice and corn, plus cassava stems to more than 600 families in Nondugl.
“These are drought-resilient crop seedlings which each household will receive to rebuild their lives,” he said.
“They can grow in any climatic conditions and environment.”
Kupul said the seedlings would help the community to be better prepared and more resilient during disasters, such as the recent drought which devastated many food gardens.
In expressing gratitude towards the organisation, Kupul said he was confident of people making use of the seedlings to help restore their food gardens.
“Such help from people as far away as the United States of America shows that they care for their friends in developing countries in times of need such as PNG,” Kupul said.
“I am happy and the families all here are happy with their support through this very important programme.
“We will continue to strengthen this relationship and take it to the next level with the support of our provincial Governor Dr William Tongamp.”
Tongamp pledged to provide each bore hole site with a 9000-litre water tank, an electric pump and other accessories to help store water to nurture the crop seedlings distributed by the organisation.
Through its diversified programmes, the organisation has excavated five bore water holes which were opened in Sigri two weeks ago.
The organisation continues to help disaster-stricken communities rebuild their lives through similar resilience programmes.