People have their say on Kumuls performance

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 Papua New Guinea’s Rugby League World Cup exit was all but confirmed on Monday as they lost what was effectively a qualifying shootout with Samoa 38-4 in Hull.

The Kumuls will be playing against the defending champions New Zealand on Friday. 

Following is what people back home in Papua New Guinea think of the performance by the Team Kumuls.

Question 1: What do you think about the performance of the PNG Kumuls in the recent World Cup?

Question 2:  On the number of contingents with MPs that travelled along with team officials and players.

Clement Keae, Gulf, self employed. 

“The Kumuls should polish up their performance and make sure selections are more balanced. Current selections are biased with most Kumul players from one particular single region only.

“With the number  of minister’s and other public servants in the UK to watch the Kumuls it’s too bad they haven’t won a game yet.” 

Kenneth Kiagi, Central province, police officer.

“The coaches are okay but the players are not. There are many raw talents out in the rural areas that the PNG Rugby Football League should be reaching out to. 

“In the 1980’s Papua New Guinea was beating teams like France, England and even New Zealand, what about now?” 

“Why do we have all these Ministers over there?”

Olivia Simbel, Manus, self employed. 

“The Kumuls need better trainers and a coach to get them ready for these kind of tournaments.I’m sure with the right coaching and training the players will respond and we will do well. 

“Having all these ministers and MPs in England to watch the World Cup in a waste of time. They have no use, no reason to be there.”

Wills Gaindu, East Sepik

“Some of our local players are playing much better then the overseas ones. Charlie Wabo is one of them. He should be given more time on the field. 

“The coach needs to pick a better line-up with players in their pproper positions.” 

“I’m ok with MPs and ministers being at the World Cup. As long as they used their own money to get there and not public funds.” 

Madeline Ilo, East New Britain, unemployed

“The selections should have been more balanced.” 

Andrew Sarar West New Britain, student. 

“It wasa waste of time and money sending the team over there. They haven’t done anything.”