People in Enga urged to venture into fish farming


PEOPLE of Enga have been urged by a cooperative society to venture into fresh water fish farming, given the number of flowing rivers they have in their villages.
Fish is rich in protein, good for own consumption and can also be sold for cash.
Speaking at the launching of the Kanak Fish Farmers’ Cooperative Society at Laiagam this week, chairman Johanis Panda, said the group had decided to work under the main community association called Lagaip Poverty Relievers’ Association (LPRA).
He believed that partnership with the established group would provide efficient network for disseminating
useful information and coordination.
Panda said that since Kanak cooperative group was registered as a business entity in 2013, his people from Kanak, Nakas and Lakitas dug ponds and looked after fish.
He said some of their challenges included lack of skills on management practices such as breeding, feeding, handling and identifying sex, monitoring and reporting to stakeholders for possibilities of securing assistance.
Despite that, Panda said inland fish farming was a way forward for the people.
“My group has a total of 15 ponds all fully stocked with both super tilapia and common carp fish and need to expand the size to 30 ponds so that fingerlings can be rapidly multiplied,” he said.