People in favour of Marape as PM


James Marape remains the favourite among the people as Prime Minister.
A quick poll conducted this week among the people around the country was to seek their views on the current political turmoil and who they think is the best man to lead the country up to the 2022 general election.
The respondents were not asked to reveal their political affiliations but the majority say they think Marape should continue as PM (see Pages 18, 20, 22).
Other candidates suggested are Peter O’Neill, Belden Namah, Sam Basil, Brian Kramer, Allan Bird, Allan Marat and Gary Juffa.
Comments in favour of Marape highlight his strong support for small-medium enterprises and how he has stood up to corporate giants and demanded for more benefits from resource projects to landowners. They also commend his good work in cleaning up the “mess” left behind by past governments.
One commented that while he did not agree with some of the things Marape has done, PNG needs him to save the nation from falling over the cliff.
One respondent who preferred O’Neill says the Ialibu-Pangia MP has had a proven track record of delivering basic services and successfully hosting successful regional and international events
Apart from experienced MPs Sam Basil, Belden Namah and Allan Marat, there were some good words put in for first-termers Allan Bird, Gary Juffa and Brian Kramer as prime ministerial candidates.
It is a minute sample of electors making their views known of the current political situation but their views may indeed fairly reflect what other citizens are thinking about another political fighting this nation has become used to since Independence.
Most who supported Marape come from various parts of the country including East New Britain, Chimbu, Jiwaka and Eastern Highlands. Only one is from his home province Hela.
It is simply to get a sense of what the public thinks about the present political situation.
For some reason the political turmoil confronting us has some uncanny similarities with what is going on in the United States at the moment.
And if what we hear over there can happen to the leader of the free world and the most advanced nation on the planet, it can also happen in this country.
Politics can divide a nation like what has been happening in the United States and our own politicians should be wary of their conduct.
Politics and their policies have had their mark in the short history of this country and there are plenty of lessons to learn from what is happening in other parts of the world.
In this day and age of technological advancement, fragile and volatile political and economic systems, we need politicians who are broad-minded.
We do not need those who worry only about their own survival and winning the popular vote.
Our MPs must ask themselves what is the best they can contribute to the people and this beloved nation.
The people have had enough of political squabbles and in-fighting especially now as we are trying to fight off the Covid-19 pandemic and get back on our feet as far as our slumped economy is concerned.
In these uncertain times, that is what is needed, not politics for the sake of politics.


  • PMJM only in office for 18 months, these 18 months have been a Covid 19 pandamic period. This Government didn’t had a time to talk development and what miracle will nother new government will bring in nother 18 months before election. Our leaders are not thinking logic. MPs can build up their vision after 2022 for full five years term. Again if nother new government is form they will do nothing and time will catch up. In such rushing moments of term misuse will be the result.
    Let J Marape complete the term up to 2022 and we see those that are fighting for PM to prove by their strengths; 1. Leader (He) comes back, 2. How many sits the party secures in Parliament, 3. Form a government with single party numerical strength, little from coalition partners.

  • What is the rush to change the government. Let Prime Minister honourable James Marape continue his leadership for the two years until the year 2022. Prime minister Marape is the people’s choice in the present political turmoil.

  • We may have our choices of who to lead us but may God almighty choose who leads us to the next elections and beyond. Man shall not live on bread alone but by His word. This country will grow stronger through His word. Those who live by lies, deceit and thievery will not succeed. Sanap strong na wok bung wantaim.

    • God will not choose nor makes decisions/choices for anyone – he has given us all a BRAIN, including all parliamentarians, to use and if you/they utilise your/their god given brain/s to think rationally and make good decisions/positive choices in life or politicians standing for what is best for the country and its people (utilising their brains to assess/weigh all pros/cons) then we shouldn’t be wasting our time relying on God to make the choice who leads us. Use your brain – it is the most powerful too God has given each and everyone of us, including politicians.

    • Whatever we do to others will come back to us
      So those so called mp’s and Governors, are responsible for all the people that they are representing.
      We only pray that,the God’s righteous judgement will prevail on us.

      God Bless PNG….

  • We should let Mr Marape complete his term and put him to the test at the 2022 National Elections. Stability is key right now if we are to survive the impact of COVID19 our economy.

  • All current politicans must now think carefully to choice PM seats. Compare to previous PM, now country is thinking is PMJM is doing the right thing so stop this political interference and support him to take back PNG. Enough of politics, support PMJMarape and deliver service to your electorates

  • Let PMJM complete the remaining term of parliament and you can throw him out come 2022. Current politicians in the opposition only want to go into the next election having access to the National purse, that’s the sole reason. PMJP is a strong selfless fighter who wants to take back PNG. I admire his standing up against mighty corporate companies, not for his own cashback under the table but for the people of this country, only a few can tackle that. Also the passing in parliament of certain bills including ICAC and whistleblowers protection act, l believe PNG is somewhat being saved. We or Politicians could find themselves fighting against a God chosen PM and sell our country to the dogs through greed and blindness. Every PM makes mistakes. Look at the good fearless fights he has stood up to. That’s the meaning of taking back PNG. Otherwise ,PNG would become another African country , resource owners dying for what rightfully belongs to them. MASKI JEALOUS NATING…. SAPOTIM PMJM LONG PINISIM DISPLA TERM BLO PARLIAMENT.

  • During this very critical times in terms of economy and Covid 19 , we need stability. I dont think a new pm will perform a miracle within these short period of months.

  • Larim Marape na cabinet blo em stap na yupla olgeta memba go na mekim wok wantaim ol. PSIP na DSIP moni gavaman tilim pinis lo yupla maski lo holim moni stap na werim election time na tilim long long moni. Sampela MP tu ol no save stap lo electorate ol save stap Port Moresby tasol na kamap lo District lo DDA meeting tasol na take off gen. Mipla sampela province ron lo ol pothole roads yet stap lo more than 10 years now. Promise lo fixim behind elections tasol nogat na klostu 2020 kam. Nau ol gurias lo senim PM bikos ol ting ting lo painim moni blo 2020. Nogat sem blo yupla tingting na toktok olsem ol liklik pikinini. Ol ting ol pipol ol long.

  • Our government is a government of VONC every now and then. We don’t see any tangible and major development in our country. Health services throughout the country is deteriorating, road conditions are going bad to worse, schools are running down and closing up due to no funding, tex inflation is tripling and reaping the low income earners and prices of simple goods in the shops are high rocketing.
    Despite all the above, we are still borrowing, and where have this borrowed money been going? My point is; just leave one government perform its mandated duties until the next election. Or else, just pass a bill that every PM of this country should be voted by people rather by those so called politicians because they are being bribed by our money just to gain political power to suppress others without thinking of their people.

    • Although we have had such political issues that affects not only the average nationals but severely the innocent who have no access in voting for PMs since 1975 by which some political constitutions that guide the function of the Parliament and the government of PNG does not suit the present. Should we Papua New Guinea’s seek “All Constitionists TopBest advice ” neglect taking sides on political issues and cooperate to start revisiting constitutions, rephrase, re-edit, and change All constitutions of PNG that were written on to achieve the Best Interest Of Foreign Nations who willingly with no delay gave PNG it’s Greed and Forceful Independence just to have us face such difficulties in today’s economic downfall to which we cannot really figure out clearly and hence putting up all blame on whose going to be our best leader??? Let’s get back to where we started, how we began, who was with us when we started, who guided when we were blind a little bit and weak so wouldn’t know where we were heading, there are more you can think of…..Come Down PNG,Let’s Not Fight Ourselves In Such Difficult Circumstances which wasn’t Really Our Best Desire to PNGs Downfall, Let’s Sit Back and Think, Who was the Hitman behind all this. It’s Not You and I,
      Iam sure we now know what to do and where to start,,
      I will give PNG some precious time to think,
      Thanks PNG for your time with me….

  • 2022 is not far away. Let James Marape run till 2022. These very senior aftering something for their personal gain and not for the people. What a shame.

  • I respect the PM have nothing personal against Marape, but for the good of this country we can’t allow Marape Government to continue. It will bring this country to ruin very soon. Development projects shutting down, as result employment down, tax revenue drying up. Soon there will no money in Government coffer, to provide good and services, and pay public servants PNG will go broke, a failed state. Right now Marape government is living on borrowed money, and has been borrowing billions since government came into office. Only blind fools will want this government to continue.

    • MY friend most educated PNGeans know that economy is not destroyed overnight this means previous governments have all contributed over a period of time. Therefore it will take almost the same period of time to recover. Don’t be fooled by MPs for their own gain.

      I apeal to all PNG people to make logical reasoning at this time and vote wisely in 2022 national elections

    • Are you blind? We have been living on borrowed money since time immemorial! PMJM is trying to patch these holes of debt… you are truly blind!

    • We have kids to live on hence lets not think of todays only rather for them and their kids going forward. that is why short term for long term gain is something like silver lining in the sky. PMJM in his own wisdom is organizing something good for long term benefits which is good. therefore, he need to continue.

  • Stop all the nonsense Vote of No Confidence and remain until 2022, dont think this country is for your own political play around business. The people are suffering and you are there to play games. Enough and leave the Marape Government to bring us into the 2022 election until people will speak for themselves.

    You who are crying for power right now. “WHAT WILL YOU CHANGE TOO?” The current PM is the man of God. PM our prayers with you. Be like Moses leading the Isralites. All the Best.

  • This Marape government should continue for sometime, same 8yrs as the previous regime of PO of 8yrs then we can make a very good judgement. Meaningless speculating about VoNC, power hungry and self-serving MPs of Vanimo camp should all be replaced 2022. Voters can take note…..

  • It’s only a 12months gone &what is opposition tries to do for the country in this short remaining months..Let Marape Complete his job up until 2022 election.

  • Where are the track records of people’s power that had made a wind of change in PNG Politic…In making policies …YES.
    There are sleeping GIANTS that are still having all the strings attached to their finger tips thus how can a single word make a massive difference when a single string is still locked to the source of all political movements…
    Am very sorry for those of us little citizens who have been surveyed in for PMJMs continuity till 2022…yes… we’ve seen the outer and formost part of it without knowing the inner most part of who controls the system…
    To sum up here if Porgera Mine is a national interest then PngLNG I believe which gives 2% to all our provinces yearly along with other minig, Gas and Oil Productions around the nation are also our national interest, by all means…And I hope Porgera mine will beat PngLNG with its 2% if it returns operation so as will not be confined to provincial attorney policies…

  • James Marape is basically doing what he said he would do from the beginning. To move PNG away from depending too much on our unsustainable mining industry towards a more sustainable one such as agriculture, to ensure that PNG is insured and ready for the future. People are only focus on the present situation but need to look forward at the long term benefits of allowing the mine to be fully owned by the government.

  • Honesty and sincerity of PMJM is highly commendable. There was never a Prime Minister who pronounced a curse upon himself and those in the public office who practices corruption and steals from the public purse. Those who are called to serve the people and yet make every effort day in day out in the office they hold in making sure that the people they are called to serve remain poor and miserable. They put their sticky fingers into the peoples money. Let those who are in that category be dealt with by the Laws of Nature to avenge the cry of the simple people whom they are called to serve if the man made laws cannot catch up with them.
    We need more people like PMJM who are honest and most sincere in holding public office.

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