People living in Tamata ‘need services’


A DINGHY operator in Oro says people living in the Tamata local level government in Sohe district need services.
Hanti Gewa from Iaudari village told The National yesterday they need services at the remote villages of Barara, Iaudari, Dabo and Kurereda.
Gewa, a former Oil Search employee who resigned three years ago, said the situation is getting worse.
“I am a dingy operator and my boats provide transport from Iaudari village in Sohe all the way to Lae. We transport betel nut most of the time, as it is the common income generating activity for locals,” he said.
“The only means of transport we have is dinghy. There is no air or road transport.
“By dinghy from Iaudari to Lae takes us about 12 hours. We leave at 6am and arrive here at 6pm. This is because the village is located at the head of Mambare River.
“So we have to travel down to the main outlet at Mambare Bay before traveling by sea to Lae.”
Gewa said basic services needed included health, education, communication and transport.
“Life is very hard. The elderly and children are vulnerable. The newly-renovated health centre at Iamo Station is not operating as there is no medicine and no workers.”

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