People losing trust in Govt


I don’t know which government to trust at the moment.
Likewise, many people feel the same.
People are not aware of what is going on in the Parliament right now. I commend the leaders of each district and province that they are representing.
Leaders should make wise decisions for the good of the people.
People chose leaders to be their voice of change not voice of chance.
Looking for chances creates a political crisis in a nation.
If you are chosen to represent your people, then speak out and be the voice of your people.
We are in an era of political turmoil where capable MPs talk sweetly to persuade the nation of what the future of this country would be like in the coming years.
I would like to inform all citizens that your prayers will one day be answered by the God of Israel and all the evil deeds will be cut down forever.
My point is, pray hard and put faith in God to give us a best shepherd to lead his herd.
Take back PNG.

Jonathan Mok,

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