People must learn to save, official says


NAMBAWAN Savings and Loan Society (NSLS) senior marketing officer Baxter Torrie says consumables have become more expensive.
“This means the Kina is buying less for everyone,” he said.
“Papua New Guineans may want to consider changing the way they manage or handle their finances.
“They should save more money for their future and rainy days.”
Torie spoke at a three-day product awareness that will end today in Vision City Mega Mall.
NSLS offers five savings and two loan products to help potential members start a saving culture, encourage existing members to develop discipline in looking after their money and make wise decisions on how they should spend money to achieve short-term life goals.
“As much as possible, we would like to encourage more people to save money so that they can have a fall back plan when they face a downturn in life,” Torie said
NSLS’s current membership is just over 31,000.