People need dole system to survive

Letters, Normal

The National,Friday March 18th, 2016

 TOGETHER we can minimise, and eliminate law and order problems in the country, eradicate corruption, stop prostitution, control urban drift and street vending.  

This will either directly or indirectly contribute to freeing up land for development in our towns and cities. 

Consequently, more tourists will be attracted to the country, while citizens and visitors can move around freely as PNG is a free country. 

How would it happen? 

The Government should place the 7.8 million people of this resource-rich country on a payroll system : put money direct into their pockets and bilums. 

The people deserve the dole (payment) as they are resource owners. They need money to survive every day in the village, town and cities. 

By putting money directly into the people’s pockets, the Government can abolish the free education and the free medical health care policies.

These are irrelevant policies being introduced in this developing country. Nothing is free. Fee gifts were corruptive and trigger social problems impacting negatively on the people’s way of thinking. 

That’s why people are looking for means and ways of money. They must be self-reliant by managing their own financial resources. 

Eviction exercise for those occupying State land must be carried out immediately. Those unemployed must come back to the village and live off the land. 

It’s time our policy makers and legislators come down to earth: know what our people are experiencing daily before coming up with new and meaningless laws.


Jonathan Dege

Sinasina, Chimbu