People of Bogia, wake up

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday January 30th, 2014

 I WOULD like to support John Kirakar’s letter regarding  no  development in Bogia (Jan 21).

Bogia district is a ghost town. 

Where  has all the money gone to over the last 15 years?

What has the MP done for  the  people  of  Bogia and Manam Islanders for the last 15 years?

Has he delivered the services  that you requested him to deliver? 

Did you vote for him to relax in Port Moresby while you people suffer? 

I  have  been  to  Bogia and  saw  the administration office filled with dust and cobwebs.

Thick bushes are growing everywhere.

There is no electricity, no  proper medical services and a lot more. 


John Kintau