People of Raicoast struggling to survive


My recent trip to Raicoast, in Madang, made me very sad.
I saw people struggling to make a living, a clear sign that there is imbalance in the way government services are distributed.
How long will we let the people of our country suffer?
It is also a sad truth that many people in villages do not
even know their member of parliament, even though they voted for him.
Members of Parliament should not forget that they are in the House because of the people voted for them.
Parliamentarians are representatives more than leaders.
If parliamentarians are not fully representing their people, then they are not in Parliament with good intentions.
Rural people are suffering because there is no proper healthcare, there are no resources for the students to learn from, and the streams of problems continue.
These are not minor issues.
People are even dying in the rural areas.
This country will not change till our representatives do something better.
Rather than driving around in expensive vehicles, they should try walking the mountain tracks to feel the pain of the people they represent and therefore understand their people better and find the time to speak to them.

Glen Burua
Divine Word University

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