People praise patrol

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

PEOPLE in Mt Hagen city are happy to see police officers led by the provincial police commander conducting foot patrols on the streets.
People who spoke to The National last Friday said they felt safe and secure when police were patrolling the streets.
Street vendor Ambane Kagl, from Chimbu, said petty crimes had vanished.
Kagl said youths who used to carry out illegal activities such as pick-pocketing, bag snatching and assaults on girls were nowhere to be seen.
“I am surprised to see the police boss Supt Martin Lakari walking on the street last Thursday with his policemen at Chinatown,” he said.
Kagl, who has been selling goods on the street for more than seven years, said it was the first time to see such a high ranking police officer leading his officers by example.
He said people were careful about littering on the street.
Veronica Paul, a resident of Tarangau, said she used to bring one or two boys to accompany her when she went shopping.
She now feels safe to go shopping on her own because of police presence on the streets.
Paiyo Wagle, a primary school teacher from Laiagam, thanked police for the foot patrols.
Wagle said there used to be many criminal activities at the Enga, Mendi and Hela bus stops.
“Young boys come in groups, hold up waiting travellers using screw drivers and knives, take valuable items and just walk away,” he said.
He urged police to keep up the good work.