People reject proposal: Bird


THE majority of East Sepik people have rejected the Frieda River copper/gold project under its current proposal, according to Governor Allan Bird.
“The majority of the East Sepik people say no to the mine because of the risks associated with the dam,” he said.
He revealed this after an assembly meeting in Wewak last Thursday.
He said they based their decision based on the analysis of evidence gathered by independent experts engaged by the provincial government.
“The views of the people affected were collected through dialogue and with listening to the expressions of all members of the provincial assembly,” he said.
Authorities have been urged to consider the following before any approval is granted for the Frieda project:
lan extension of time to ensure proper investigations of geological fault structures undermining the subsurface stability, and integrity of the dam infrastructure which causes an high geohazard risk ratings;
lDue to the enormous risk involved, there is potential for a catastrophic failure, therefore construction and operation of a dual-purpose dam facility in the vicinity of the Freida Mine should not be done; and,
lThe Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) is urged to complete the Sepik River component of the roadshow by engaging all communities on the entire stretch of the Sepik River to gain the free, prior and informed consent and not just from Angoram, Pagwi and Ambunti;
Alternative measures recommended are:
lMine tailing disposals be deposited in the deep-sea trench between Aitape and Vanimo;
lLook into options of underground mining;
lInvestigate the potential of using Plasma Technology to remediate mine derived tailings and sulphide bearing waste rocks; and,
lInvestigate alternatives that may be available to avoid the construction of the dam.


  • The people of East Sepik had spoken through Llg Presidents. The Future of Sepik River People is not all about money.
    We survive on fish and sago. Fresh water fishing is a major source of income for Education, Medics, and ofcourse day to day survival of all family’s.
    100% NO to DAM. Thanks

  • Shut the Frieda Mining project down, period. It has nothing to offer but only short term financial gains for our corrupt government officials and politicians and wanna-be rich investors from China and Australia. It is an environmental disaster waiting to happen so it is incumbent upon the Sepik people to call for its end. Its disadvantages totally outweigh its advantages in terms of community benefits and the longer-term effects on the pristine natural environment that is the Sepik basin. The livelihoods of the people in both ESP and WSP (Sandaun) depend so much on the land, the river systems and the seas surrounding Aitape which hundreds of thousands of people depend upon for their livelihoods. A go-ahead will certainly impact vast groups of people who stand to gain little from the project. Thank you Governor Allan Bird for listening to the people, SHUT IT DOWN.

  • This is the approach many provinces that are hosting potential extractive industry projects should take. All resource projects infact should be independently scrutinized and vetted by respective Provincial Governments and not bulldozed through by state institutions on the guise of development. Members of Parliament must be remanded that you are guardians of your people’s livelihood and wellbeing first and foremost before any other interest including your own.

  • The precious high grade gold is deposited there, let the locals carry on with their mini mining activities, we know exactly whats gonna happen to our beautiful and rich environment.
    thank you

  • Thank you East Sepik Province Government through your Governor Mr Alan Bird; for standing up as the mandated leaders for the people by the people to finally say no for Frieda Mining to go ahead….. I was asked to run for Governor seat in up coming(2022) election,if Governor Bird support for Frieda to go ahead. Now!, that the people of East/West Sepik can tap into other means of ways to sustainable their livelyhood through their Governors elect. I made my promise to Mr Alan. Bird today this day; the Governor seat belongs to you as long as you listening to the wishes of the people. To the people of ESP, return Mr Alan BIRD back to Parliament unappose in 2022 election. Thank you.

  • Our virgin environment is more important than fake windfall of mining profits. Precedent set by Ok Tedi, Bougainville, Porgera are glaring. We need not look further.

    Sepik people have spoken.

  • Thank you ol sepik lo standing up. Yu trupla man. Other operated mines in the country with their landowners are yoyos. tingting ol yet na lus tingting lo ol pipol blo ol.

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