People from settlement receive food items


THE Salvation Army in Lae, Morobe yesterday provided more than 50 packs of basic food items to some people living at the Second Seven dump area .
Salvation Army Major Leonnie Suave said: “Our programme is not really to provide food for them every now and then but to make them see that the love from nature is endless and in order for them to have that, they must change,” she said.
She said people have to change and do positive things in the community and help others change for the better.
The Salvation Army is one church group that has been involved in community services programmes to reach out to people who are disadvantaged in some areas of their lives.
Last week the Salvos gave similar assistance to old people and mothers at 9-Mile, Lae.
In other community service initiatives, the Salvation Army has given sewing lessons to a number of mothers in Lae over the last two years.
Suave said the fruits of this training were promising with almost all mothers using their skills to earn income for their families.
“These mothers are now able to sew blouses and sell them at good prices and that has sustained their families,” Suave said.
She said plans were already in place for another visit to Buimo jail to help prisoners.

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