People suffering


WE, the Middle Ramu people, surely must have a free ride to heaven.
Pregnant mothers, students, small scale farmers and injured people living right there in the heart of the jungle already must inherit heaven because we are already suffering!
The silent people of Wanuma in Josepstaal and Kovon share similar fate because of their steep mountainous region restricting their movement to seek basic services when needed and even when gardening daily.
For Keram, Simbai, Pasingkap etc, it is the mere distance factor.
For the critically injured people, about 90 per cent of them die while trekking or waiting for the next canoe to arrive or the nearest based aid post orderlies to arrive.
The same fate applies to pregnant mothers and very sick children. Compared to the rest of PNG, an outsider can deem this situation as a life of hell.
What was our sin? What have we done wrong to be living in such hellish conditions?
While these hardships are happening daily, someone called Johnny Ananaias Alonk, came out of nowhere, got elected into parliament, dug a hole somewhere there and disappeared like his predecessors.
One can say that the people of Middle Ramu must blame themselves but how can you blame an illiterate population for voting Alonk?
It’s like blaming babies for choosing dead animals as a toy pets.
The MP must be blamed for firstly misleading people who voted for him into believing that he’s the right man for the job and when given the mandate, ran off to enjoy the perks and privileges of parliament without looking back.
The people are left to suffer while the infrastructure built by kiaps, churches and our colonisers are left to rot and soon, there’ll be nothing left to provide decent services to the people.
Many public servants have not returned to their posts despite the governor’s empty threat for them to return.
Their absences have added further suffering to an already deprived population.
Middle Ramu is our home and we have planted betel nut trees, cocoa and coffee and other cash crops but the government has failed to supplement our efforts.
We urgently need a tangible road infrastructure to get these crops out and get health and education service providers into and remain in our district.
After 41 years of independence, Middle Ramu has literally gone backwards because of the ignorance of our MPs and public service providers.
MPs must be held accountable to their actions or inactions and be prosecuted after their terms are over for subjecting their people to such hardships and the negligence of existing infrastructures, including service delivery.
Isn’t it a sin to allow their people to live in conditions of hell while they call themselves Christians and worship, hoping to go to heaven?
What hypocrisy!

Sogeram River, Middle Ramu

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