People told to embrace project


SOUTHERN Highlands Governor William Powi wants people to embrace the potato project, a initiative of the provincial government.
He said farmers would benefit from a K10 million price subsidy provided by the provincial government and he wanted people doing nothing in other provinces to return and till their land.
Powi said the new Highlands Agriculture Industrial Centre in Pangia was a provincial government venture and required about five container shipments every week but the demand was currently being met by growers from Eastern Highlands, Enga and Western Highlands.
“The K10 million price subsidy is good news to the people,” he said.
“I want people to venture into the important agricultural activity work on the land.
“The Department of Agriculture and Livestock will be working closely with the local level government presidents for seedling distributions, provide fertilisers, tools, and farmers training.”
Powi said due to the drop in potato prices, many farmers were discouraged, and since it was the provincial government’s initiative and the funding was made to ensure hardworking farmers earned something at the end of the day.
He said the Southern Highlands government would support agriculture and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) activities.
He said agricultural development was effective in reducing poverty and needed to be a priority.
Ialibu Basin LLG president Robert Dopo thanked the provincial government for supporting SMEs.