People told to use land wisely to make a living


PEOPLE should use land wisely and productively, NKW Fresh manager David Stewart says.
Stewart, pictured, told Wampar farmers venturing into taro and other farm production that Papua New Guinea was among four countries known for agricultural activities.
“The land is a crucial part of human livelihood that was given purposely by God to utilise for sustainable living. So we shall use the land wisely and purposefully to help ourselves,” Stewart said.
He said farmers should shift from subsistence to commercial farming because it offered greater bebefits.
Stewart said the Markham area was new to NKW Fresh, which operates fresh produce collection depots in Kainantu, Wau and Lae.
NKW Fresh supplies 20 tonnes of fresh farm produce a month to parts of the country.
Stewart noted the contribution of the Taipei Economic Office towards the training of farmers in Wampar.

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