People unhappy with Wewak MP’s move


WEWAK MP’s decamping of the Peoples Progress Party, just two years before the 2022 National General Election, is a sign of a failed, stupid, weak, and selfish leader who used people and party for personal gain.
He lied to the People’s Progress Party and the people of Wewak under by running under the banner of People’s Progress party.
The people of Wewak district respected and believed in the party and voted him into parliament in 2017.
He was a window dresser at Waigani for the last three years, no tangible service deliveries to the people of Wewak district.
Wewak district covers; East coast, West coast, Wewak local and Wewak town residents.
The question now is will the people of Wewak district continue to have faith and trust for such a first timer leader to be re-elected the second time again in the coming 2022 National General Election under the banner of Pangu Pati?
East Sepik Pangu Pati branch and the National Pangu Pati executives should be mindful about this type of hopper.
Pangu Pati is a reputable political party with its profound political history and party constitution, where no other political party has since independence to date.
We the people of Wewak want a good, transparent and honest leader.
As the saying goes, flow with the tide. This is what this current leader has done.

Tom Xkangai,
Wewak Town resident

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  • my good brother i am with you for your comment but we have to ask our self why we have voted this member in stared of other good cane date in your mine

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