People urged to change for the better

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 4th January 2012

MEMBER for Telefomin and Vice Minister for Lands and Physical Planning, Peter Iwei yesterday called on his people to change their attitude and work hard to make a change in their lives and in their communities.
He said he was committed to serving them and delivering basic services but the people, including public servants, needed to sacrifice and work hard and continue to develop the district.
Iwei said Telefomin was one of the most isolated districts in the country, with no road links and getting services into the area was difficult.
But, he said, the people could make a change in their lives with the necessary services that were provided in the area by the government.
He said a good example was last year’s grade 10 and 12 examination results at the two high schools in the district, which had proven they could manage to learn and achieve higher results like their colleagues in more advantaged schools in the country.
Iwei said he was proud of the examination results so far and urged everyone to work together to make a change in the district.
He said there was no time for the people of Telefomin to sit and wait for things to happen.
“It is the time for using the opportunities to make a change and we have to do it now when things are changing around the world.
“We are lucky we will now be connected to the world with the establishment of telecommunication services through the joint district budget priority planning committee’s conviction to establish the services,” he said.
Iwei said the people should appreciate that and do something for themselves and not be mere spectators on their land, especially with new development and mineral boom in the area.
He called on young school students to aim higher and achieve their goals to contribute to the development of their district.
He said achieving higher results would take them further out into the world and bring back goods and service to their families and their communities.