People urged to report drug traders

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

COMMUNITY members and leaders should report if they know of marijuana cultivators or traders in their communities, says Lae drug investigator Sergeant Bonny Manaup.
“We all must understand that consumption of marijuana leads people to cause unexpected illegal activities,” he said.
“The high rate of rape, murder and violence that occurs between male and female strangers or partners are caused by illicit drugs that people consume.
“To reduce those activities, community members and the leaders must not hide those marijuana cultivators and consumers in their communities.
“Without taking an initiative to report such matters to the police, the offences are likely to increase.
“Police only rely on sources to perform their duties.”
Meanwhile, the drug squad confiscated eight kilograms of marijuana in two separate busts this week.
Munaup said they confiscated 6.9kg of marijuana on Sunday at Voco Point wharf. It was destined for Kimbe.
Munaup said the drug was packed in a bag and left at the wharf by the smuggler who panicked when he saw security guards.
He said a man who posed as a university student was detained on board the mv Chebu by security guards.
“The suspect who wanted to smuggle the drugs was alert and took off after the guards nabbed the student imposter,” he said.
In the other incident, police nabbed a man from Eastern Highlands at China Town with 1.4kg of marijuana in his possession.
“That drug dealer carries greens (vegetables) and marijuana down to Lae from Eastern Highlands to distribute to resellers,” Munaup said.