People urged to vote good leaders

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The National, Friday 14th June 2013


PEOPLE of Papua New Guinea must understand that local level government representation is very important, a council candidate for Ward 10 in the Wewak Urban LLG said yesterday.

Lemech Sui urged people to vote for good leaders at both president and council levels.

Sui, 50, comes from Macendonia village in the Karawari LLG of Angoram district but is a long-time resident of Wewak Urban LLG.

While giving his remarks, he also outlined his purpose for running for public office saying he wanted to provide basic services to his ward.

“I would like to urge all the people in ESP to vote wisely as your vote will determine your future,” Sui said.

He added that every eligible voter had the right to make their own choices to vote for person they think would best represent them at the LLG or ward level.

He also appealed to the voters to vote freely.