People want stable Govt


GROUPING to elect the next prime minister is ongoing in PNG and has become norm.
When will the nation have a stable government?
It is very sad to see continuous unprofessional leaders crossing the floor of the Parliament to join opposing camps to challenge the government that God allowed to intervene to form to save PNG from corruptions and the Covid-19 pandemic.
Seeing ministers pledged to serve the nation before the governor general and in the presence of the Bible, has brought curses to people of our nation and its developments.
Politicians need to seek God’s law to eradicate corruption and not grouping with political grudges against each other.
In the future, we should elect leaders who are knowledgeable of turning the problems into solutions. Not leaders who cry over spill milks.
Having over eight hundred languages and a diverse culture were the cause of corruption and political instability.
Instability and corruption will remain as it has since independence.
The only true advice is to use God’s righteous law in Exodus 20.
It is sad to see leaders getting away with white collar crimes while citizens get beaten up and jailed for stealing sweets.

Samson Amua,
Concern Citizen


  • How much will this government borrow to cure Covid 19 with 4months and 18 monthe reign to govern the nation
    K30 plus million -not exeptable
    Yu kilim country within short period

  • There is no one perfect of committing sin/corruption in his/her life, even the PMs that we are praising her in our poor country…….. I use to hate any politicians or leaders who use to mention God’s name in vein every time to pledge their political gain.
    There is no way in the bible you will find the version that mention our politicians name and said He will send that guy to save you poor PNG people….

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