People warned to take extra care

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013


POLICE have warned people living at the foot of mountains and near rivers to take precautions during the rainy season.

Highlands divisional police commander Martin Lakari said the potential for landslides and flooding was high in the highlands because of the heavy rain.

Lakari advised people living along the Waghi River  to move their livestock to higher ground.

He said the Waghi River was already flooded and the situation would only get worse if rain continued.

He advised people living at the foot of hills or mountains to be wary of landslides.

“From past experience, continuous rain in the region normally cause landslides and floods which destroyfood gardens, houses and wash away livestock near the river banks,” he said.

Lakari said it was best to move away from the danger zones now rather than later. He it would be too late to call for assistance when disaster struck.

“Prevention is better than cure. That is why I am issuing the warning to you to take action and prepare for natural disasters,” he said.

He warned people living near the Waghi River not to go fishing or try to cross the river.

He warned people to go home early and to avoid standing under trees when lightning struck.