People with no-care attitude

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The National, Tuesday 28th August 2012

PAPUA New Guineans have very poor attitude to life in general even though we get patriotic when we see photos of discrimination, such as the notice at a food outlet in Port Moresby’s Vision City recently.
I was also appalled by the notice but walking around Port Moresby, one cannot avoid the filth on our streets – buai stains, rubbish and graffiti everywhere.
Our so-called elite have been stealing from the little people, the very ones who put them into power.
All the filth on the streets says that we are filthy people in general with bad attitude.
This kind of attitude has now crept into the workplace right up to the corridors of parliament.
Our motto right now is, never mind our attitudes and surrounding environment, steal when you can and build your little empires.
A fair-skinned patriotic PNG man, Ryan Pini, of his own accord with mostly the support of family and private business, reminds us black people of what patriotism is.
Even the Kumuls did us proud at the World Cup.
But that kind of patriotism must be a holistic one too.
That means while being proud of who we are, we should care for each other and clean our streets.
In our future vision city we need a holistic view of patriotism to move our beautiful country forward.

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