Pepo’s floriculture business blooming all year round


MARY Pepo has successfully ventured into the floriculture business in the Kafuku area of Goroka to sustain her family all-year round.
Pepo, a member of Goroka district women’s floricultural group, already has an established market for her flowers.
Pepo receives orders from as far as Port Moresby for the flowers, which she cuts neatly, packs and airfreights.
“Flowers have a huge market demand, especially in hotels, restaurants, offices, funerals, weddings, graduations and related events and occasions,” she said.
She grows flowers at the backyard of her family home in Kafuku, where she has a greenhouse.
Pepo is a specialised floriculture trainer.
She teaches other women new to floriculture industry how to grow flowers, do cuttings, treat, package, handle and market.
Pepo said flowers were not seasonal like coffee, blooming every day and giving them money all-year round.
“I attend many flower shows, in Eastern Highlands and other provinces and have displayed and sold my products,” she said.
She is one of 70 women who are members of the Goroka Women’s Floriculture group, who are venturing into developing the industry at local level.