Perform or be replaced, governor warns cabinet

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The National, Monday November 4th, 2013

 MOROBE provincial government ministers in the 20-member cabinet or Sam-Sewe will be given office space, support staff, vehicles and a budget.

Morobe Governor Kelly Naru announced his ‘A-team’ before their swearing in ceremony yesterday at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae, where he warned that their performances would be reviewed yearly and those underperforming chairmen would be replaced. 

Including Naru as the chairman for finance and administration, one appointed Tutumang representative and two local level government presidents each from the nine districts, the new Sam-Sewe has:

  • Judas Nalau (deputy governor and Jabem-Mape local level government) as chairman for lands and physical planning;
  • Ali Hetuke (Burum-Kuat LLG) as chairman for law and order;
  • Charlie Foike (Erap-Wain LLG), chairman for religion and leader of government business;
  • Paul Itama (Labuta) chairman for LLG affairs and provincial boundaries;
  • Dakie Mao (Umi-Atzera), chairman for government investment;
  • Andrew Gena (Leron-Wantuat), chairman for education;
  • Joel Alu Johnson (Siassi) chairman for infrastructure;
  • Thomas Kapi (Sialum), chairman for youth, women and disability;
  • Okam Patom (Mumeng), chairman for mining and petroleum;
  • Temo Kuwaweto (Wau-Bulolo urban), chairman for transport;
  • Michael Puane (Wampar), chairman for agriculture;
  • Philemon Tomala (Salamaua),  chairman for fisheries and marine resources;
  • Patrick Basa (Deyamos), chairman for policy planning and research;
  • Epemu Kewenu (Yus), chairman for environment, carbon trade and forest;
  • Isaac Garngo (Wapi), chairman for liquor;
  • Jackty Yopito (Kapao), chairman for health;
  • Sam David Agi (Ahi), chairman for human resource;
  • Koim Trilu Leahy (Lae urban), chairman for commerce and industry; and,
  • Amos Wallace (appointed member), chairman for sports, culture and tourism.

“You will be equipped and the people of Morobe expect you to perform and you must attend diligently to your roles and responsibilities, there will be no room for slackness, your performance will be reviewed in 12 months time,” Naru told the members said.

“I don’t want my ministers to be drunkards, make sure you call into the office on time and work on time in sober habits and lead by example.

“The people have legitimate expectations of you to work hard, call on your advisors and me to assist you. Our people deserve better services and we must make sure the services are delivered far and wide to remote areas.”

Naru said past governments’ inconsistency in care and maintenance of infrastructure and projects around the province led to “the deplorable state of the province which again has posed great challenges for the new elected leaders”.

“Geographically, Morobe is vast so it’s constitutionally fair to have two presidents each from the nine districts and not forgetting our appointed representatives in the Tutumang as the 19th man, I made these appointments based on the president’s curriculum vita submitted to me,” Naru said.