Permit ready for approval


ENVIRONMENT Conversation and Climate Change Minister Wera Mori says he is now required by law to grant the “approval in principle” for the environmental permit to Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV).
Mori said the Environment Council accepted on Sept 10 2020, the environment impact statement (EIS) for Wafi-Golpu project and recommended to him as Minister to grant an approval in principle to developer WGJV.
He said this was a result of several requirements and processes that were fulfilled by the joint venture for the Wafi-Golpu copper/gold project in Morobe.
Speaking during the presentation of the Wafi-Golpu deep sea tailings placement (DSTP) on Tuesday in Port Moresby, Mori said the project’s EIS was submitted on June 25, 2018, which went through an assessment process.
“Referrals of the EIS for review and comments were made on Aug 13, 2018,” he said.
Three independent peer review teams were appointed and engaged on Sept 9, 2018 which were:

  • A TEAM from British Geological Survey reviewed the marine component of the proposed deep sea tailings placement covered by the EIS;
  • ERIAS team from Australia separately reviewed the terrestrial environment component of the EIS; and,
  • A COMBINED PNG University of Technology and University of PNG independently reviewed the EIS.

Mori said public hearings, consultations and a roadshow on the EIS had been conducted since Nov 19, 2018.
“This process carried on from Nov 20-18 to 2020, of which the last consultation was held in Port Moresby on Tuesday Sept 8, 2020.
“The WGJV met all requirements by submitting EIR (environmental impact report) and EIS to Cepa (Conservation and Environment Protection Authority) for assessment and approvals.
“Both the EIR and EIS have undergone the assessment process and submissions were made to the Environment Council (EC) of PNG on Aug 31, 2020, for considerations.
“The submissions made recommendations for approval in principle to be considered by the designated Minister for Environment and Conservation and Climate Change.
“The EC met on Aug 31 to Sept 10 to deliberate EIS for WGJV.”
Mori said the Environment Council was satisfied that the proposed DSTP system had met all the criteria of the draft PNG DSTP guidelines and the proponent has submitted credible information and data.


  • No Deep Sea Tailings Placement. Mr Tuke your draft DSTP system guidelines will not work. As usual you are approving DSTP based on credible information and data.

    Please send a team of CEPA or MRA marine biologists and an Environment ISO140001 auditor(we have a good number of PNGeans) to Lihir and carryout an Audit you will get a first hand real data to input into your PNG DSTP draft dont just look at paper research based and plant design data and approve permits.

    DSTP is a failure at Newcrests Lihir mine most of the reefs have been destroyed as a result of the solid component being discharged. The solids settle and are moved by the tide thus covering Marine life at the sea bed. Fishing Reefs are being covered and suffocated. The livelihoods of the people along the coast will be affected.

    There is lots of land around the Wafi project to construct a tailings Dam.

    This project is already cheap considering the location which is in Morobe Province or Lae City. Freight and travel costs will be cut down with the project close to the coast and the Nadzab airport nearby, also alot of Mine workers reside at Lae or the highlands which is travel by road.

    Newcrest stop driving your cost initiatives at Morobe. The money that you dont want to spend on a tailings Dam must be spent on the local communities downstream to improve their livelihoods annually.

    Not sure if the locals that will be affected by the tailings discharge have been classified under title of LMP Mine affected PMJM and Minister JT once tailings is discharged the natural marine life has been disturbed the affected must be compensated based on.

    1. Permanent destruction-Marine Fauna, Flora, Reef destruction
    2. Daily Livelihoods affected, Human rights

    PMJM and Minister JT dont be too Freindly with Newcrest you might catch their bait and forget about the affected people.

  • No DSTP in MOROBE SEAS and this needs to be Understood… NO Prime Misters of this day has any authority over Deep Sea Tailings in MOROBE Provinces and This Needs to Be Understood.
    Anyway, Anything concerning DSTP in MOROBE Provinces will see no Prime Minister, Environment & Conservation Minister or who ever you called yourself are should have the authority to decided….MY LAND…MY LIFE…you cant control it by all means… And this needs to be UNDERSTOOD!!!

  • Land mining is about to be exhausted without any long terms sustainable projects so far, then here comes the sea mining which I think will bring PNG to next level in terms of its development index. Also I know these are not renewable resources therefore they’ll be gone and gone forever. And yet our future is at stake because we don’t have any backup programs in place at the moment for instance, we have the land but how can PNG utilize land so that it becomes long term and ongoing for our future generations. “My land, my resource, my rights, my identity had been abused by my own brother, uncle, father’. ##A Sad PNGean##

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