Persons with disability win scholarships

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FOUR people have been selected under the banner of disability to study in various universities in Australia next year.
They include Josephine Kaona, from the Paralympics Sports Committee, Sabina Kore and Peter Kaipel from Cheshire Home Disability Service, and Fabian Inke from Salvation Army who himself has hearing impairment.
Kaona will be doing a diploma in management programme; Kore will be doing a masters degree in special education; Kaipel will be studying for a bachelor’s degree in community rehabilitation studies; and Inke will be studying for a diploma in social work.
The four were awarded their scholarships last week by the team leader for Scholarships PNG Vivien Carrol under the Australian Awards programme.
Chairman of the National Board of Disabled Persons (NBDP) Brown Kapi said for the first time disability had been recognised and was given four places for overseas studies next year.
He thanked Scholarships PNG for recognising disability saying this has been the result of vigorous negotiations amid Scholarships PNG and the NBDP.
“Disability is both a national and development issue that needs to be mainstreamed.
“We all know that information and education is power and if people with disabilities are given
such privileges, they
can also live productive and very independent lives,” Kapi said.
He called on organisers of Scholarships PNG to award more places to people living with real disabilities.
“I wish to see that  scholarhips offered next year for the 2012 study year has more spaces for people with disabilities,” he said.
He also commended Carrol and her team for the good gesture to consider people with disabilities and focusing more on their abilities than their disabilities.
The four candidates were urged to “shine bright colours” into stability while doing their studies in Australia and to commit themselves to acquire skills to continue to support disability programmes in the country when they return from their studies.