• Prior to Saturday, I thought Kelly Pavlik was one of the few right handers who threw a great left uppercut until I saw Alexander Povetkin put Dillian Whyte to sleep with a one-punch KO in the 5th round of a fight he was losing.
  • What did I say about Luka Doncic? That Slovenian can ball.
  • Damn, Elsie Albert has a pretty decent set of calves. Great shape and proportions and symmetry. She’d put a lot guys to shame. Time to do those calf raises fellas.
  • Oh those poor Hagen Eagles. They are having a pretty poor season, aren’t they. I think I know why: karma.
  • A letter to the editor in last Monday’s edition decried the lack of a school sports calendar and system in the country. Maybe the government should fund sports programmes in schools. It should be organised in five major sports for inter school comps. Schools can get assistance/support from their provincial governments, LLGs and DDAs. Here are my suggested sports: rugby league, soccer, athletics, volleyball and basketball.
  • Seems like good ol’ KD over in volleyball is still miffed about the PNG women’s team missing out on the Samoa Games lasy year. He’s got a point, most of our team sports didn’t do much and then a couple of months after the event the national women’s team go to Canberra and win a tournament there. Note: the opposition in ACT was just as good as, if not better than, what was in Samoa. Go figure.
  • Pssst. Queensland have no in-form centres for Origin. Can someone check on Justin Olam’s elligibility?
  • All that talk by Dickson Pipi last week about matching the Gurias in Kokopo was bluster. Disappointed the Muruks couldn’t put up more of a fight. Hopefully, this reality check will set the Mendi men straight and will see them better prepared physically, tactically and mentally to take on the competition’s top sides.
  • What about the goalkeeping heroics of Manuel Neuer? The Bayern Munich custodian was in his prime against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the Champions League final in Lisbon, Portugal, on Sunday. PSG are yet to win the Champions League. PGTP ([email protected])