• When will guys like Paul Gallen ever learn? Queensland are the ultimate underdogs. Calling the 2020 side the worst in Origin history was like throwing some lighter fluid on a smouldering flame. Such arrogance. Won’t make any difference though as NSW have, more often than not, always been favoured to win games/series since 1980. Heck, I think during Queensland’s dynastic period last decade, NSW was favoured to win the majority of those series.
  • To be fair to Gal, this wasn’t Qld’s best side on paper but still you don’t go and bad mouth a group of men like that with a series on the line at Suncorp. Are you nuts? Oh wait a minute, this is Gallen we’re talking about. The captain of so many Origin winning moments.
  • Folks, that’s it for rugby league this year. With no international rugby league this season, Game three of the Origin was the last match of the year (and no I’m not counting local and bush leagues here and anywhere else on the planet).
  • Congrats to Dona Minas for winning the Koiari rugby league title by beating the impressively named Sirinumu Pukpuks last weekend. I have to say the Minas came in locked and loaded. They had Edene Gebbie, Sani Wabo and Josiah Abavu. Having Gebbie and Wabo in your side for a local league final is like bringing a lightsaber and an Uzi to a fist fight
  • Player with the best name in PNG sport this week was Laumas’ Gillespie David in the NCD Corporate 9s. “Cement” would be so proud.
  • That Anis kid is a diamond in the rough. He could easily be a national athletics rep or the fastest man in the Digicel Cup. – PGTP