Petroleum minister commended


Petroleum Minister Fabian Pok must be commended for the stand that there will be no clan-vetting activity carried out at PDL3 and 4, site of the Gobe Petroleum Project.
I wish to raise one issue for Pok to take note of, with respect to the pipeline, especially the KJV portion from Gobe Airstrip to Kikori Bridge.
This portion is approximately 26km long.
This portion belongs to the Imawe-Bogasi clan.
This portion of pipeline is also a contentious issue.
My clan is in the Courts and it would be inappropriate as well as illegal to allow clan-vetting to proceed for this portion. I have been in the courthouse for more than two decade. This is because the land issues were badly handled by administrators since the project’s inception.  I am therefore, urging the good minister to rescind any decision to allow clan-vetting for the said 26km of pipeline.
However, clan-vetting can be allowed for the pipeline from Kikori through Kopi to Marine Terminal, and for the Mubi Bridge to Kutubu portions.

Leslie Ope T Umai
Chieftain of Bogasi Clan
Chief of Erave District