Petty crimes in Lae on the rise

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LAW and order problems are on the rise in Lae and communities of Morobe need security for their safety as Christmas approaches, a community leader for Talair compound said.
Nelson Zeatura yesterday appealed to the government to recruit more policemen and women for Lae.
He said Lae was the second largest city and law and order problems were making most “Morobeans afraid to walk around in their own city”.
He said police force in the city need manpower and cars to travel the city to attend to the complaints.
He said he was really concerned with Morobe parents and children living in the remote parts of the province who would be harassed and robbed when they come to cityto do their Christmas shopping.
Zeatura said since 1997, law and order started deteriorating and had worsened this year.
He appealed to the nine Morobe MPs and governor Luther Wenge to put their differences aside and work together in combating crime in the city.
He said, after all, people from the nine districts come to the city to shop and do other businesses.
“But then their main concern is their security,”  Zeatura said.
He is appealing to the police to conduct a regular foot beat patrol over the Christmas and New Year period to ease the security concern.